Our Services

In the spirit of fulfilling its mission to encourage and facilitate sustainable event planning, the CQEER offers several tools and services to assist organisations in integrating sustainable measures.

Greenhouse Gas Reporting

This service offers greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting (kg of CO2 eq.) and inlcudes a report with recommendations for reducing GHGs. It is tailored for all types of events.

GHG Footprint

This service, developed for organisations that wish to begin GHG reporting, provides an annual GHG emissions account (Tons of CO2eq) produced by transportation, energy and solid waste. The report offers recommendations for reducing GHGs and annual operational costs.

BNQ 9700-253 Classification

This service applies to event planners who wish to certify their event (s) according to the Quebec BNQ standard 9700-253 for Responsible Event Management.

Sustainability Diagnosis

This service aims to provide event planners with a general overview of their current level of sustainability, based on the BNQ standard for Responsible Event Management. The Report offers recommendations for continual improvement.

Sustainability Action Plan

This service is tailored for organisations who wish to implement sustainable measures through an action plan.

Training and coaching for event planners and/or volunteers

Event planners and/or volunteers learn about basic sustainability principles (i.e. 3RVs) and concrete measures that can be applied throughout all phases of event planning.

Sustainable Event Policy

A Sustainable Event Policy can facilitate and help structure an organisation’s greening initiatives. The Policy serves to demonstrate an organisation’s commitment and should be communicated to all stakeholders.

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