Sustainable Events

An eco-responsible event integrates sustainable initiatives throughout its entire planning process, including dismantling. It therefore aims to:

  • Reduce the negative impacts of the event, especially on the environment (e.g. waste reduction, greenhouse gas emissions, consumption of natural resources, etc.)
  • Increase the positive benefits of the event (e.g. purchasing through local suppliers, enhanced visibility for the region, etc.).

Here are some of the benefits linked to an eco-responsible event:

  • Reduces the event’s negative impacts, especially in relation to consumption of natural resources;
  • Increases benefits to society – on a local and international level;
  • Enhances the organization’s social image;
  • Opens new opportunities and access to financial partners;
  • Motivates employees and volunteers;
  • Reduces costs (depending on the initiatives put into place);
  • Sensitizes participants, suppliers and partners;
  • Stimulates the demand for eco-responsible products and services;
  • Implements an eco-responsible framework within the organization.

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