Hotel 2170 ave Lincoln

 Type : Hébergement, Salles    Régions : Montréal      

L’hôtel a été conçu de façon conviviale.Relaxant, élégant et branché, on s’y sent comme chez soi. Idéalement placé en bordure ouest du centre-ville de Montréal dans un secteur résidentiel proche de belles maisons, de boutiques branchées, de restaurants à la mode et de divertissements de nuit spectaculaires, notre hôtel appartements saura vous séduire.

  • 2170 avenue Lincoln
  • H3H 2N5
  • Montréal
  • Québec
  • 514-935-9224
  • Engagement en environnement:

    • Reduce environmental footprint by 15% | 30% | 45% across the portfolio by 2025 (from a 2016 baseline; for water/carbon/waste on an intensity basis)
      Water: Reduce water intensity by 15%
      Carbon: Reduce carbon intensity by 30%

    • Commit to analyze the opportunity to set a science-based target by 2018
      Waste: Reduce waste to landfill by 45%. Reduce food waste by 50%
      Renewable energy: Achieve a minimum of 30% renewable energy use

    • 100% of MI hotels will have a sustainability certification, and 650hotels will pursue LEED certification or equivalent by 2025

    • Sustainability Certifications:
      By 2025, 100% of hotels will be certified to a recognized sustainability standard
      By 2025, 650 open or pipeline hotels will pursue LEED certification or equivalent

    • Sustainable Building Standards:
      By 2020, LEED certification or equivalent will be incorporated into building design and renovation standards, including select service prototype solutions for high growth markets
      By 2020, 100% of all prototypes will be designed for LEED certification
      By 2025, partner with owners to develop 100 adaptive reuse projects
      MI’s new global HQ will achieve LEED Platinum certification


    Engagement social et économique:

    • Sustainably source 95% in our Top 10 priority categories by 2025
      Supplier Requirements/Reviews:
      By 2020, require all contracted suppliers in the Top 10 categories to provide information on product sustainability, inclusive of social and human rights impacts
      By 2025, require all contracted suppliers to provide this information

    • Sustainable Sourcing: By 2025, sustainably source 95%, by spend, of its Top 10 categories
      Local Sourcing: By 2025, locally source 50% of all produce, in aggregate
      (measured by total spend)
      Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E): By 2025, ensure that the Top 10 FF&E product
      categories sourced are in the top tier of the Marriott Sustainability Assessment Program (MSAP)

    • By 2025, 100% of associates will have completed human rights training, including on human trafficking awareness, responsible sourcing and recruitment policies and practices

    • By end of 2018, implement the new human trafficking training brand standard to reach 80% of our associates, as well as scale the training developed by MI and its community partners to the broader industry and academia

    • By 2025, enhance or embed human rights criteria in our recruitment and sourcing policies and work with our industry to address human rights risks in the construction phase

    • By 2025, promote a peaceful world through travel by investing at least $500,000 in partnerships that drive, evaluate and elevate travel and tourism’s role in cultural understanding

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